Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Advantages of a Concealable Goldflex Body Armor

The concealable Goldflex body armor is usually more preferred than the tactical type. The tactical type is primarily used only by police, soldiers, and other law enforcers when they are going to a specific operation. But, why is the concealable type is more preferred? It is because it offers several advantages.

For one, the concealable Goldflex body armor can be easily hidden. Concealment is the primary purpose of the concealable body armor. Police officers who need to maintain an ordinary appearance can use this type. Other individuals who want to maintain an ordinary atmosphere uses the concealable type of body armor. This concealable Goldflex body armor can be completely hidden by wearing t-shirt, jacket or other upper clothing. They can fit your body firmly and they are not bulky, so you will feel nothing even if you are wearing one.

Another advantage of the concealable Goldflex body armor is it is more comfortable. It is lighter than the tactical body armor, so it is more comfortable to wear. The user can still work normally while wearing this body armor. It will not cause hassle on the job of the user because it just feels like an undershirt. The concealable Goldflex body armor is also more flexible. There is also an additional trauma plate to protect your vital organs.

However, the concealable Goldflex body armor is only available up to the Type III of protection level. When it comes to the highest level of protection, the concealable type is no longer suitable because it can no longer stop the bullet from high-powered bullets and guns. Rifles can penetrate this body armor, so the user can be hurt. Also, the Goldflex body armor may be more comfortable and more flexible, but it is more expensive. But the user’s money is worth it, because, the concealable Goldflex body armor can also save his or her life.

Goldflex Body Armor for Personal Protection

The Goldflex body armor is not just for professional use, but for personal use as well. Do you feel like your personal security is in danger? How are you going to protect yourself then? Are you going to hire several body guards to tag you along wherever you go? Getting bodyguards is not enough to ensure your security. They might be able to protect you, but to be one hundred percent sure of your security, buy and use a Goldflex body armor.

Some individuals protect their lives by carrying firearms or guns. You can also carry one, but you should register it first and you should get a permit to own and carry a gun. Aside from carrying a gun, you should also wear a Goldflex body armor. This body armor can save your life in case there will be exchange of fires between you and your enemies. The armor can protect you by stopping the bullet from hurting you. But, there are few considerations that you must take into mind before buying a Goldflex body armor.

You should first ask yourself these questions: What kind of danger am I facing? Do I need a high-level protection, medium-level protection, or a low-level protection? How long should I be using the Goldflex body armor? Where will I specifically wear it? How much am I willing to spend for this body armor? These are some of the questions that you must answer to determine what kind of body armor you should buy.

If you are facing a high-level of danger, then you will need Type IV Goldflex body armor. This type of body armor can provide you with a high-level of security. If you intend to wear it every day, you should choose a light Goldflex body armor so that you will still feel comfortable. You should also consider your budget when you are choosing Goldflex body armor for your personal protection.

How to Take Care of Your Goldflex Body Armor

When you buy a Goldflex body armor, you want it to last long. All materials and equipment can last long when they are taken care of properly. Thus, the number of years your body armor can last depends on how you maintain it. The Goldflex bullet proof protector is not like an ordinary cloth that you can just throw into the washing machine. So, how exactly are you going to take care of your Goldlex body armor?

Wash it according to the instructions given. Some Goldflex body armors can be washed with water while there are others that require dry washing only. When you buy your Goldflex body armor, you will receive at the same time an instruction on how to wash it. You should follow it strictly for your body armor to last long. Do not use harsh detergents as they can harm the fiber inside the Goldflex body armor. Some armor requires hand washing because the materials used are not suitable for washing machines.

Dry the Goldflex body armor completely. After washing it, you should take it to the sun to be dried. There are body armors that should not be exposed to the sun after washing, so you should keep them in a shade for them to dry completely.

After drying the Goldflex body armor, store it properly. Remember: do not store it yet, when it has not dried completely, or else, molds will be formed on the armor. The storage of the body armor is different as the storage of your t-shirts and jeans. For tactical body armors, make sure that the ceramic plates are removed on the vest before storing it. Lay the armor flat so that it will be free of wrinkles. Also, do not drop the Goldflex body armor because the ceramic plates are very fragile and they might be broken. Store them in a dry place.

Soft Goldflex Body Armor- How it Works

Most individuals are surprised when they hear that there is such thing as a soft Goldflex body armor. That is because they are more familiar with the hard-type of body armors. Actually, the soft body armors are not that soft. They are just more flexible and lighter than the hard-type of body armor. Because of these characteristics, many individuals have this impression that they are less effective. However, they offer the same protection as the hard Goldflex body armor.

The soft Goldflex body works differently from the hard and plated body armors. The hard and plated body armors normally resist and stop the bullet from hurting the body. For the soft-type, resisting or stopping the bullet is not its main goal. The main function of the soft Goldflex body armor is to absorb the impact from the bullet and spreads it evenly on the fiber so that the user cannot feel the strong impact. The projectile of the bullet is bended by the fiber inside the body armor.

The fiber inside the soft Goldflex body armor is like a net, like that on the hockey goal. The fibers are fastened and interlaced together and they are strongly tied or sewn on the main frame. When the bullet reaches the body armor, the net will feel the strong impact. They will react by stretching their strands, thus absorbing the full impact. Then, they will bounce the energy back by returning to their original length. They react at the same time, thus, the energy is quickly dispersed all over the net. With this, the user will not feel the full impact, and thus, giving her or him a chance to fire back.

The soft Goldflex body armor is not made up of only one layer of fiber net. There are several layers or nets, placed on top of each other, until a dense system is formed that can fully absorb the force from the bullet.

Goldflex Body Armor- The Type I Rating

The National Institute of Justice or the NIJ is the department that is responsible for giving ratings to all body armors such as the Goldflex body armor, according to the protection that they provide. They can give a rating of Type I, Type II, Type III, and Type IV. The Type I body armors offer the lowest level of security, while the Type IV offers the maximum protection level. Each manufacturer is responsible for submitting their body armors to the NIJ for approval.

The Type I Goldflex body armor is very light and it offers the lowest level of protection. With this feature, any law enforcement officer can wear this. Also, individuals who feel threats about their life are allowed to wear this type of body armor, for as long as they are not seriously threaten. VIPs such as national politicians, government officials with high positions, business executives, and high military officials are not advised to wear this type of Goldflex body armor because their lives are in high danger.

The Type I rating of the Goldflex body armor cannot stop all the bullets form all kinds of guns. It can only stop the following bullets:

  • ·         .380ACP- This is a bullet that is characterized by its full metal jacket round nose. It is commonly used on .380 caliber, with 95 grams as its nominal mass. It has a minimum speed of 1025 feet per second or fps.
  • ·          .22LR- This long rifle lead bullet comes from a .22 calibre travelling at a minimum speed of 1050 feet per second. It has a nominal mass of 40 grams.

The Type I Goldflex body armor is not commonly used today because the guns that are used today are greatly improved. This type cannot stop the bullets from higher levels of bullets thus, if you are looking for higher protection level, you should choose a higher Goldflex body armor rating. 

Guides in Selecting Goldflex Body Armor

When making a decision to buy Goldflex body armor and other types of body armor for your security, you should research a little bit about the body armor. You may have bought the best protection vest, but it makes you uncomfortable because it is very heavy that you cannot comfortably move around. In order to choose the best body armor, you should remember a few considerations.

First, you have to choose a Goldflex body armor that suits the protection level that you need. The body armors come in different levels. The highest level offers the best protection and it is suitable for highly-dangerous operations for maximum protection. If your life is not in serious danger, you can pick a body armor that belongs to the lower levels.

Second, you should make sure that the Goldflex body armor fits your body perfectly. The Goldflex Pro Max has 12 adjustable buttons, so it can be easily adjusted to fit the body of the user. Make sure you try wearing the body armor first before buying it. You will not feel very comfortable if you are wearing a very big bullet proof vest or a very small one.

Also, you should decide between a concealable Goldflex body armor and tactical body armor. The concealable type is the one that can be worn under your t-shirt or polo shirt without being noticed. The tactical body armor is worn on top of your t-shirt or polo shirt. Thus, it is displayed and very much visible to the eyes of the public. The tactical Goldflex body armor is commonly worn by soldiers and law enforcers who are going to an operation.

Finally, you should make sure that the Goldflex body armor that you are buying is approved by the National Institute of Justice. When a body protection is approved by the NIJ, a rating tag is attached inside the Goldflex body armor.

Top 3 Styles of the Goldflex Body Armor

The Goldflex body armor comes in different styles or types to fit the user. All of these are concealable and comfortable, but there are times that a specific style is more appropriate for a specific occasion. The common types of this body armor are the bullet proof executive vest, trench coat, and the ballistic undershirt.

Bullet Proof Executive Vest- The bullet proof executive vest style of the Goldflex body armor is specifically designed for VIPs such as the government officials like the president, vice-president and senators, security personnel, and business executives. This body armor offers maximum protection with its dual-protection feature, the front and back protection. They are very concealable, so it is not noticeable when someone is wearing it. It is very dependable, that it has saved several VIP lives.

Trench Coat- The trench coat Goldflex body armor is a classic design. It may be an old design, but it never gets out of fashion. One can wear this during ordinary or normal days without drawing too much attention. You can still go to work while wearing this, go to date, or stroll along the park, without worrying too much about your security. There are different designs for the trench coat body armor that one can choose from. A user can choose the Raglan sleeves, button closure, single breasted trench coat, and shoulder epaulettes, according to his or her preference. The trench coat Goldflex body armor usually comes in brown and black colors.

Ballistic Undershirt- The ballistic undershirt Goldflex body armor can also be worn during ordinary days such as going to everyday work. This offers maximum front and back protection and it makes the user comfortable with its reduced heat build-up and maximum ventilation capabilities. This is very concealable, so you can move around a lot without drawing too much attention. Its design and color make the ballistic undershirt Goldflex body armor very concealable. 

Features of the Goldflex Body Armor Pro Max

The Goldflex Body Armor Pro Max is a bullet proof vest that is made up of ballistic panels. Its outer shell or carrier is a polyester or cotton fabric. One common problem that bullet proof vests face is the sagging and the curling of the ballistic panels. To avoid this problem, the ballistic panels of this body armor are suspended from the top and an internal suspension system is installed inside the armor. Also, this body armor is extended under the armpit for maximum protection coverage.

The features of the Goldflex Body Armor Pro Max are as follows:
  1. 1.      Soft Sweat- Wicking Undershirt- The outer layers are made up of cotton and polyester that can quickly stop your sweat away.
  2. 2.      12-Point Infinite Adjustability- The Goldflex Body Armor Pro Max has a Velcro attachment so that the user can easily adjust the fitness of this body armor according to his or her body size.  There are 12 points for adjustability so every corner of this body armor can be fitted to your body lines. For maximum fitness, the body armor has a 100% ultra-thin Goldflex fiber that moulds your body.
  3. 3.      Mesh shirt tails- The shirt tails of the Goldflex Body Armor Pro Max is made up of mesh for more ventilation. Air can freely circulate through the vest because of its streamlined shirt tails. Also, the mesh feature makes the vest less bulky.
  4. 4.      Thinner and More Concealable- Compared to the designs of the body armor, this vest is thinner by two layers. The number of layers between this body armor and the other body armors are the same, but the Goldflex body armor is thinner. Thus, when the user is wearing it, it is barely noticeable.
  5. 5.      More Convenience- For more convenience, the Goldflex body armor Pro max can be washed easily. All you need to do is to take off the vest under shirt, and you can simply drop it in the washer.

Getting the Know the Goldflex Body Armor

The synthetic Goldflex body armor fiber is manufactured by a ballistic company named Honeywell. Compared to Kevlar and other ballistic fiber, the Goldflex fiber is lighter and more flexible. It may be lighter and thinner than the other ballistic materials, but it offers better protection than them. It also offers a higher level of comfort so you can wear this comfortably for a couple of hours. When the weather is warm, it is still comfortable to wear since it is light and thin. You can still move freely and act like you are not wearing the Goldflex body armor.
The Goldflex body armor material is made up of a web of strong fibers. When this ballistic material feels stress because a bullet or knife stroked it, its fiber will absorb the impact energy from the bullet or other weapon and disperse it. Because the material is flexible and strong, the bullet will be smashed, instead of penetrating the body. A Goldflex body armor is made up of several layers of ballistic material, thus a bullet cannot go through it. Even if the bullet succeeds in penetrating the outermost layer, there are still several layers beneath the outermost layer that will stop the bullet.
The Goldflex body armor is made up an Aramid fiber. Each of the body armor is composed of four layers of unidirectional Aramid fibers that are piled 0˚, 90˚, 0˚, and 90˚ respectively. This arrangement of the fiber is very important because it makes the body armor stronger and more flexible. Also, for additional strength, the four layers of Aramid fibers are covered with a thermal plastic cover. Because of its strength, the Goldflex body armor material is not just used for ordinary ballistic purposes, but used as well in aerospace applications, military applications, and other high-risk operations. Some Goldflex body armors are made up of 25 layers of fiber to ensure maximum security and protection for the user.

Advantages of the Goldflex Body Armor

There are several body armors that are available in the market today, and one of them is the Goldflex body armor. Each body armor type has its own advantages over the other types. Thus, the Goldflex-type of body armor has its own advantages as well over the other body armor types. It is usually compared with Kevlar, since Kevlar is the foundation of the body armor materials. So, how is the Goldflex body armor advantageous over Kevlar, and other types of body armors?
First, the Goldflex body armor is stronger than Kevlar and other types or brand of body armors. The Golflex fiber was proven to be 10 times stronger than steel. Because of this strength, it cannot be easily penetrated by bullets of any kind and any speed. Thus, the user will surely be protected from bullets and other harmful weapons. The Goldflex body armor is very strong because it uses the strongest man-made material available today.
Also, the Goldflex body armor offers the best blunt trauma protection. Aside from saving you from the bullet and knives, this body armor also saves you from the shock that can be caused by the force of the bullet when someone tries to shoot you. Instead of your body absorbing the force from the bullet and feeling the pain, it is the Goldflex body armor that absorbs all the energy from the bullet. Thus, you do not experience shock, and you can fire back at your enemies.
Finally, the Goldfllex body armor is lighter than the other body armors. With this feature, the user will be comfortable and can move freely. It is very light that it can even float on water. Although the Goldflex body armor is more expensive than Kevlar, Dyneema, Spectra, and other types, it offers the best protection and comfort, and it can surely save one’s life.