Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Goldflex Body Armor- The Type I Rating

The National Institute of Justice or the NIJ is the department that is responsible for giving ratings to all body armors such as the Goldflex body armor, according to the protection that they provide. They can give a rating of Type I, Type II, Type III, and Type IV. The Type I body armors offer the lowest level of security, while the Type IV offers the maximum protection level. Each manufacturer is responsible for submitting their body armors to the NIJ for approval.

The Type I Goldflex body armor is very light and it offers the lowest level of protection. With this feature, any law enforcement officer can wear this. Also, individuals who feel threats about their life are allowed to wear this type of body armor, for as long as they are not seriously threaten. VIPs such as national politicians, government officials with high positions, business executives, and high military officials are not advised to wear this type of Goldflex body armor because their lives are in high danger.

The Type I rating of the Goldflex body armor cannot stop all the bullets form all kinds of guns. It can only stop the following bullets:

  • ·         .380ACP- This is a bullet that is characterized by its full metal jacket round nose. It is commonly used on .380 caliber, with 95 grams as its nominal mass. It has a minimum speed of 1025 feet per second or fps.
  • ·          .22LR- This long rifle lead bullet comes from a .22 calibre travelling at a minimum speed of 1050 feet per second. It has a nominal mass of 40 grams.

The Type I Goldflex body armor is not commonly used today because the guns that are used today are greatly improved. This type cannot stop the bullets from higher levels of bullets thus, if you are looking for higher protection level, you should choose a higher Goldflex body armor rating. 

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