Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How to Take Care of Your Goldflex Body Armor

When you buy a Goldflex body armor, you want it to last long. All materials and equipment can last long when they are taken care of properly. Thus, the number of years your body armor can last depends on how you maintain it. The Goldflex bullet proof protector is not like an ordinary cloth that you can just throw into the washing machine. So, how exactly are you going to take care of your Goldlex body armor?

Wash it according to the instructions given. Some Goldflex body armors can be washed with water while there are others that require dry washing only. When you buy your Goldflex body armor, you will receive at the same time an instruction on how to wash it. You should follow it strictly for your body armor to last long. Do not use harsh detergents as they can harm the fiber inside the Goldflex body armor. Some armor requires hand washing because the materials used are not suitable for washing machines.

Dry the Goldflex body armor completely. After washing it, you should take it to the sun to be dried. There are body armors that should not be exposed to the sun after washing, so you should keep them in a shade for them to dry completely.

After drying the Goldflex body armor, store it properly. Remember: do not store it yet, when it has not dried completely, or else, molds will be formed on the armor. The storage of the body armor is different as the storage of your t-shirts and jeans. For tactical body armors, make sure that the ceramic plates are removed on the vest before storing it. Lay the armor flat so that it will be free of wrinkles. Also, do not drop the Goldflex body armor because the ceramic plates are very fragile and they might be broken. Store them in a dry place.

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