Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Soft Goldflex Body Armor- How it Works

Most individuals are surprised when they hear that there is such thing as a soft Goldflex body armor. That is because they are more familiar with the hard-type of body armors. Actually, the soft body armors are not that soft. They are just more flexible and lighter than the hard-type of body armor. Because of these characteristics, many individuals have this impression that they are less effective. However, they offer the same protection as the hard Goldflex body armor.

The soft Goldflex body works differently from the hard and plated body armors. The hard and plated body armors normally resist and stop the bullet from hurting the body. For the soft-type, resisting or stopping the bullet is not its main goal. The main function of the soft Goldflex body armor is to absorb the impact from the bullet and spreads it evenly on the fiber so that the user cannot feel the strong impact. The projectile of the bullet is bended by the fiber inside the body armor.

The fiber inside the soft Goldflex body armor is like a net, like that on the hockey goal. The fibers are fastened and interlaced together and they are strongly tied or sewn on the main frame. When the bullet reaches the body armor, the net will feel the strong impact. They will react by stretching their strands, thus absorbing the full impact. Then, they will bounce the energy back by returning to their original length. They react at the same time, thus, the energy is quickly dispersed all over the net. With this, the user will not feel the full impact, and thus, giving her or him a chance to fire back.

The soft Goldflex body armor is not made up of only one layer of fiber net. There are several layers or nets, placed on top of each other, until a dense system is formed that can fully absorb the force from the bullet.

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