Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Getting the Know the Goldflex Body Armor

The synthetic Goldflex body armor fiber is manufactured by a ballistic company named Honeywell. Compared to Kevlar and other ballistic fiber, the Goldflex fiber is lighter and more flexible. It may be lighter and thinner than the other ballistic materials, but it offers better protection than them. It also offers a higher level of comfort so you can wear this comfortably for a couple of hours. When the weather is warm, it is still comfortable to wear since it is light and thin. You can still move freely and act like you are not wearing the Goldflex body armor.
The Goldflex body armor material is made up of a web of strong fibers. When this ballistic material feels stress because a bullet or knife stroked it, its fiber will absorb the impact energy from the bullet or other weapon and disperse it. Because the material is flexible and strong, the bullet will be smashed, instead of penetrating the body. A Goldflex body armor is made up of several layers of ballistic material, thus a bullet cannot go through it. Even if the bullet succeeds in penetrating the outermost layer, there are still several layers beneath the outermost layer that will stop the bullet.
The Goldflex body armor is made up an Aramid fiber. Each of the body armor is composed of four layers of unidirectional Aramid fibers that are piled 0˚, 90˚, 0˚, and 90˚ respectively. This arrangement of the fiber is very important because it makes the body armor stronger and more flexible. Also, for additional strength, the four layers of Aramid fibers are covered with a thermal plastic cover. Because of its strength, the Goldflex body armor material is not just used for ordinary ballistic purposes, but used as well in aerospace applications, military applications, and other high-risk operations. Some Goldflex body armors are made up of 25 layers of fiber to ensure maximum security and protection for the user.

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