Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Guides in Selecting Goldflex Body Armor

When making a decision to buy Goldflex body armor and other types of body armor for your security, you should research a little bit about the body armor. You may have bought the best protection vest, but it makes you uncomfortable because it is very heavy that you cannot comfortably move around. In order to choose the best body armor, you should remember a few considerations.

First, you have to choose a Goldflex body armor that suits the protection level that you need. The body armors come in different levels. The highest level offers the best protection and it is suitable for highly-dangerous operations for maximum protection. If your life is not in serious danger, you can pick a body armor that belongs to the lower levels.

Second, you should make sure that the Goldflex body armor fits your body perfectly. The Goldflex Pro Max has 12 adjustable buttons, so it can be easily adjusted to fit the body of the user. Make sure you try wearing the body armor first before buying it. You will not feel very comfortable if you are wearing a very big bullet proof vest or a very small one.

Also, you should decide between a concealable Goldflex body armor and tactical body armor. The concealable type is the one that can be worn under your t-shirt or polo shirt without being noticed. The tactical body armor is worn on top of your t-shirt or polo shirt. Thus, it is displayed and very much visible to the eyes of the public. The tactical Goldflex body armor is commonly worn by soldiers and law enforcers who are going to an operation.

Finally, you should make sure that the Goldflex body armor that you are buying is approved by the National Institute of Justice. When a body protection is approved by the NIJ, a rating tag is attached inside the Goldflex body armor.

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