Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Top 3 Styles of the Goldflex Body Armor

The Goldflex body armor comes in different styles or types to fit the user. All of these are concealable and comfortable, but there are times that a specific style is more appropriate for a specific occasion. The common types of this body armor are the bullet proof executive vest, trench coat, and the ballistic undershirt.

Bullet Proof Executive Vest- The bullet proof executive vest style of the Goldflex body armor is specifically designed for VIPs such as the government officials like the president, vice-president and senators, security personnel, and business executives. This body armor offers maximum protection with its dual-protection feature, the front and back protection. They are very concealable, so it is not noticeable when someone is wearing it. It is very dependable, that it has saved several VIP lives.

Trench Coat- The trench coat Goldflex body armor is a classic design. It may be an old design, but it never gets out of fashion. One can wear this during ordinary or normal days without drawing too much attention. You can still go to work while wearing this, go to date, or stroll along the park, without worrying too much about your security. There are different designs for the trench coat body armor that one can choose from. A user can choose the Raglan sleeves, button closure, single breasted trench coat, and shoulder epaulettes, according to his or her preference. The trench coat Goldflex body armor usually comes in brown and black colors.

Ballistic Undershirt- The ballistic undershirt Goldflex body armor can also be worn during ordinary days such as going to everyday work. This offers maximum front and back protection and it makes the user comfortable with its reduced heat build-up and maximum ventilation capabilities. This is very concealable, so you can move around a lot without drawing too much attention. Its design and color make the ballistic undershirt Goldflex body armor very concealable. 

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